Maybe tonight/it’s gonna be alright/I will get better….

One year today. It’s been a year since my world disintegrated, my heart ripped from my chest and the leftover shell plunged into a grief I can only accurately describe as emotional hell. It feels like far more than a year, unless I think about it long enough (which I try not to do anymore)—then…

SPI 2017: Losing in Translation

One of my colleagues at SPI confided that she was mentally exhausted from constantly translating. I had no such language barrier, but I could relate.

SPI 2017: Some things I liked and disliked

Here is a little update I wrote to some friends after a couple of weeks at SPI: Some things I’ve enjoyed: 1. Learning about different tools, charts, and models that can be used to analyze a conflict or other social situation 2. Attending presentations about Israel/Palestine, including one from a resident of Jerusalem and one…

SPI 2017: Classroom Culture

From the first day of my first SPI class, I was introduced to the Center for Justice & Peacebuilding’s love of circles. Boy, does it love circles. We circled up at the beginning of each day and at the end, and sometimes in the middle, too, if a teacher or student felt like that type…

SPI 2017: Hello, Lots of People

My first day at the Summer Peacebuilding Institute started on a welcoming note. I learned the importance to SPI of coffee and inclusivity.

SPI 2017: Logistics

The story of some kinks in the planning and execution of my arrival at SPI.

SPI 2017: Intro

This summer, I attended the Summer Peacebuilding Institute. Here’s my first post about it—specifically, the reactions I receive when I talk about SPI.


My pride seethed. Sexism AND salt in the wound, really? But… why was I so insulted that someone had offered to take care of me? Maybe because of two ideas that don’t make sense together, but go on in my heart simultaneously.

Poem: In Character Wish

I wish I could move from character to character, experiencing honor and darkest lack of character, so I could relate to everyone soon, not so late they no longer seek my advice, without consequences—make all reversible—life-changing decisions like a child’s raincoat, like a word processor.